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If you have landed on this page you are at the ground floor of the #iamtheGOOD movement!  Right now I would love for you to share your story with me, but when I get our website built, I would like to share it with the world.  If you will simply fill out the form below to either contact me or share your story with me, I would really appreciate it!  I may ask you to be a guest on The GOOD Contractor Podcast if you are willing to talk with me about the following:

-  What were your deepest struggles and issues?

-  What was the event or epiphany that changed your direction?

-  What processes helped you begin to overcome the challenge?

-  What are you doing now as an "Agent of GOOD" in the world?

If you are touched by something that was said in the podcast and have decided to allow the PURPOSE of your own story to have its way with you, then I would love to hear what it was that touched you and the actions you will take to move forward.  Although we can't respond to everyone, we may feel led to share any wisdom we feel God is giving us toward your situation and we pray daily for everyone who contacts us!